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Having Acne for Most is an Embarrassing Issue



If you have acne or live with someone that does then this may not come as a surprise or shock. But in our society having acne can be a most embarrassing issue. There are many days that start off with a loud scream or heartbreaking sighs of a deep emotional ache. These can come from both men and women. Believe it or not but the source of this shock and scream and ultimate disappointment with the day is acne. In particular probably one gruesome inflamed zit that is shining brightly on their face, yes a simple clogged pore had ruined these peoples day. So now you know; having acne can hurt.

The psychological reaction to a pimple is different in every person. Some people especially teenagers will stay out of school if they have what they consider to be an ugly zit on their face. They will cancel dances and dates and hide away in their room. Even adults have been known to not go to a party or a dinner because of acne.

Acne is a painful problem to our self confidence, that is easily seen, but it can also be quite painful physically on our skin. It can burn and ache and constantly call your attention to it. If you leave it untreated it can scar. If you pop, pinch, molest and antagonize it, it can also become infected and cause a scarring reaction.

No, acne is rarely if ever a life threatening problem. But it can change your life and having acne can indeed hurt. Hormones that go into over drive certain times in our life can produce an excess of oil deposits and the dead skin we slough off combine to create an ugly blemish. It is the psychological scars that are the hardest to deal with.

Acne can affect as at any age, though it usually begins at thirteen and most likely will end sometime around nineteen years of age. However some battle acne way into adulthood. We each will have a different level of seriousness to an acne infection. This has many contributing factors and will depend on our hereditary, diet, oils we produce, bathing rituals and medications we take. Some acne can be treated at home with simply cleansing while others will have to shown to our dermatologist.

It is important for you to remember, if you have acne or do not have acne, that for some people it is a serious matter and does affect many people. It is not something to laugh at. Some people will literally lock themselves in their homes till the acne passes, giving up a lot of their life. They just cannot face the world with a blemish on their face. The acne industry sells over a hundred million dollars in products a year, that alone has to tell you how dead serious people are to eliminate acne.

Acne may not seem to be a serious matter for some, but it is an infection that can greatly affect many. There are people with acne who locks themselves up in their rooms waiting for the acne to disappear. It is a serious blemish that they cannot show to the world. Every year, ointments and acne medication has estimated sales of over a hundred million dollars. This just shows how many people are dead serious in eliminating acne.

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