I am a mom with three sons. My husband passed away when they were very small from leukemia. I raised them alone and now they are grown men. Two are in the Army and one is heading off to college.

I have a strong background of medicine in my family. My grandfather was a doctor, my aunt a nutritionist and three cousins into herbal health. I myself am a Licensed Nurse and Certified Pharmacy Technician.

This site was put up for the sole purpose of equipping people to deal with the embarrassing issues and problems in their lives. It will cover a variety of issues, some may or may not be embarrassing to you, but perhaps they are to others.

I have tried to offer ways to confront and conquer. I do have some affiliate links to products, which basically means if you buy that product I get a small commission.

I will also over the years come out with my own products that I believe will help you. Please leave comments or questions and I will get back to you.