Adrenal Fatigue-Have You Been Courting the Guilty Party

Today it is important to know if the fatigue you feel is adrenal fatigue and adrenal fatigue does not have to be an embarrassing problem have you been courting the guilty party?

It is embarrassing to find out after you have the symptoms that almost incapacitate you that you could have stopped it in its tracks.

It seems that most of us are suffering from a fatigue. I call it a fatigue to life.  We run around 90% of the time like we have urgent places to go and needs to be met.  We give ourselves little “me” time and that is what we need to re find.  There is only one guilty party in the role we play called life and its name is “Stress”.

We stress ourselves each and every day, we work too long, we work too hard, we take every issue that comes our way personally.  We get upset, we get anxious, we get harried and yet we keep going on just so we can get more, do more and be more.

We trade our health for the next big thing and we do not even realize it.  When we get tired we push through it, when we are sleepy we drink more coffee, when we are hungry with little time to eat we grab fast food.  For those very reasons we need to know that our tiredness is more than just life, it is an illness that we had best figure out before it leads to more serious results.

Learn the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, learn how to change the triggers and most of all learn how to de-stress your life and live a healthier and more fulfilling one.  Knowing the symptoms will help you to understand and make sense of the things that your body and mind are trying to tell you.  By doing this you can circumvent, decrease and even eliminate adrenal fatigue. Go here to learn adrenal fatigue treatment in full.

The adrenal glands sit one to the top of each kidney.  They have many uses but one of the most important is the hormone cortisol.  This is the stress hormone, the one that kicks in to help you through times of crises and stress.    In adrenal stress the hormone is used up so the supply is decreased and when you need it, it is not there.

Be aware of these symptoms of adrenal fatigue

The first and most obvious symptom is exhaustion. This is not the kind of exhaustion you feel after running ten miles; this is sleeping well and waking up with no energy to get out of bed kind of exhaustion.

Another annoying symptom is that you will gain weight and most likely gain it around your mid section.  Yeup you will get that “extra tire” that you really do not want.

Loss of stamina can be a debilitating symptom.You will tire almost immediately to the point of not moving after any kind of emotional or physical confrontation.

It is interesting that one of the symptoms that you will have is periods of tiredness and wakefulness at precise times.  Most people with adrenal fatigue feel more tired at 9-10 pm but you will fight it and not go to sleep.  Your sleep will then not come till 1-3am.

Other symptoms include: low blood pressure, low blood sugar, low sex drive and dizziness when you go from sitting or lying to standing up to fast.

People with adrenal fatigue will catch flu’s, bronchitis and other respiratory problems like colds more often and not be able to get over them as quickly.

Adrenal fatigue does not just affect the body, but also takes a toll on the mind.  Another major symptom is anxiety and because people tend to get so frustrated with how run down they feel, it almost always leads into depression.  Being unable to remember things and not easily concentrate really effects the persons self image.

Another symptom is that you will absolutely crave sugary foods and caffeine.   Your mind is telling you that you need it to keep up, to keep going and it lingers in your need even if you just finished a cup of coffee.  Of course if you binge and then eat more, you gain weight and then start to feel bad about yourself and become depressed and so the whole cycle begins again.

Those are the main symptoms of adrenal fatigue that you need to be aware of.  Of course there are many lesser ones, but if you get a handle on these then you will be well on your way to healing.

It’s important to understand that in the traditional sense of the word, adrenal fatigue is not a disease and sometimes it seems that you are misunderstood in your battle with it. Thus it all leads to some level of and embarrassing problem for you. But see your doctor and work out a recovery plan and remember that it will be a process of lifestyle changes.

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