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Six Leading Health Problems for Men

Men really need to start taking care of themselves. There are many things that work against men more than women: they drink more, they smoke more, they don’t go for medical help and they have the more stressful jobs, just to name a few. The following are the six Leading Health Problems for Men: Heart […]

Impotence Aids

viagra is a commercial produced medicine conta...

Impotence aids   In order to use impotence aids you first have to know about impotence. Impotence is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. First it is important to know that an erection is achieved only when three conditions are met: 1. There must be adequate blood supply to the penis 2. There […]

The four steps to treating adrenal fatigue

The major endocrine glands of the body. Pituit...

The four steps to treating adrenal fatigue   It is estimated that 70% of all people have it.  Fatigue is a sign of stress and stress as well all know leads to some major medical issues including heart problems. Four key steps to treating adrenal fatigue One – Get more sleep and relaxation We are […]

Adrenal Fatigue

adrenal fatigue does not have to be an embarrassing problem

Adrenal Fatigue-Have You Been Courting the Guilty Party Today it is important to know if the fatigue you feel is adrenal fatigue and  have you been courting the guilty party? It is embarrassing to find out after you have the symptoms that almost incapacitate you that you could have stopped it in its tracks. It […]

Running Issues

running issues are embarrassing problems

Embarrassing Running Issues and Answers Embarrassing running issues and answers was put together to give you and idea of what runners deal with and to let them know they are not alone.  It is true, runners do have their own unique set of embarrassing problems to deal with. So if you are a runner I […]

Excess Body Hair

excess body hair can be a real embarrassing problem

Having Hirsutism (excess body hair) is so embarrassing. In lions the dark long haired male is the leader because it shows he has a lot of testosterone, which means a lot of aggression. But in the male though the reason for being hairy is the same…the results are that most men find it embarrassing to […]

Razor Burns

be embarrassed no more of a razor burn

Razor Burns – How Embarrassing is That? We have all heard the term “razor burn” but just what is it? What causes it? Most of all how do we get rid of it if it happens to us? A razor burn can be as soft as a sunburn looking spot on your body where …

Erection Dysfunction

erection dysfunction

Erection Dysfunction How Embarrassing! I went out and took a poll of 100 anonymous men. I wanted to ask them of erection dysfunction, but I thought I would go a bit more general to break into conversation. Yes I did this at the market, at Wal-Mart, at the Post Office and on the street, and […]

Erection Q’s and A’s

q and a

  Erection questions and answers Can you achieve an erection through masturbation? If you can then most likely your problem is some sort of psychological block, shyness, nervousness, anxiety or better known as performance anxiety. Do you have sexual desire to perform? If you can not get an erection and really do not feel the […]

Male Menopause

is male menopause an embarrassing issue

Male Menopause:Is it real or just an excuse?  You are working your tail off to make ends meet around the house and one day your husband of twenty years comes home all excited like a little boy and says “Come look, come look, I bought myself a new car!” or maybe he starts to …

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