Teens are going for a Cold Medicine High

be embarrassed no more and know if our teenager is robotrippingAnswer me this; Do teens take cold medicine to get high?  I am not stupid, I have heard of old drunks getting high with the alcohol in cold medicines and the stuff in cough medicines.  It has been going on forever I think.

But today was the first day that it came into focus for me that our teens are getting high on cold medicine. They do it because it is legal to take the medicine and it can be bought at any store.

It should not be a surprise to learn that there is a thriving subculture on the Internet that gives out advice and information on just about anything you can think of.  However, this day I would like to discuss something; Teens getting high on cold medicine.  This means they are taking over the counter cough and cold medicine for the soul purpose to get high.

I am told that one in ten messages passed on the internet are about drugs.  These sites tell our teens, what to take, where to get it, how to take it, how much to take and what other things to take with it to make it better.  They are teaching our Teens about getting high on cold medicine!

My knowledge of this all started out because I had a cold and cough.  I bought some cold medicines and put them on the counter in my bathroom.  My teen son had his own bathroom and to be honest I didn’t think a thing about leaving the medicine out.  Anyway, I took the medicine and it made me feel icky so I quit taking it and tried new stuff.

To make a long and miserable cold story short, I got better.  That weekend I was cleaning up and saw the bottles.  But I noticed the cough syrup was almost gone and so I opened the other bottles and sure enough all the pills were about gone.

So that is how I got onto the computer and started doing research. What I found out about teens getting high on cold medicine absolutely scared me.
I found that kids were taking it in such large quantities that at the least they were damaging their livers and at the most they were dying.  Yes DYING.

I was aghast and angry. My sons and I talk of everything. Surely this could not have been going on right under my nose and without me knowing?  So I waited.  You know the “Mom’s wait” vacillating between anger and fear.  While I waited I read up on it and learned.

My son one of many teens was getting high on cold medicine?  Using it to escape and hallucinate and I had missed it? How can that be? I learned that there are over 250 products with DXM in it and the drug companies that make it don’t want it regulated even if it will keep our teens safe.

Reading the symptoms made me confused why anyone would want to feel this way: restlessness, confusion, dizziness, double or blurred vision, slurred speech, impaired physical coordination, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, rapid heart beat, drowsiness, numbness of fingers and toes, and disorientation.

He came home; I tried hard not to attack. I had done the self Mom talk and I was ready.  Calmly I asked, “Are you one of the misunderstood teens that are getting high on cold medicine?”  He laughed and said, “no I am not, I am not that stupid, why?  You been on the internet again Mom” So we talked about the missing medicine and found out it was one of his friends (who is now in treatment).

All I can say is that day I found teens getting high on cold medicine and they were dying and it scared me a lot. It is important to communicate and keep aware of your home and what is going on in your world. Even the smallest of things can be an important clue to a problem.

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