Constipation can be  an embarrassing issue|constipation embarrassing

Constipation is a very personal issue. It is also very different in each person; one person may feel constipated if they do not have a bowel movement daily where another may not feel that bloated feeling for days. This just means that you have to know what is normal for you.

To know the symptoms of constipation you first need to know what your body is like when it is in a healthy state.  Everyone’s body is different. What is normal to one may not be to another.  The process of digestion and elimination is easy to understand.  As food moves into your mouth down the esophagus and through the stomach it goes into the colon (this is also known as the large intestine.)  The colon absorbs water while forming waste products or stool.  The muscle contracts and pushes the stool towards the rectum.  By the time the stool has reached the rectum it is solid as most of the water has been absorbed.

The symptoms you may personally feel will almost always be different from another as they are dependent on your age, stress, eating habits, and bowel habits. Then there is chronic constipation that you need to understand for it is different than the occasional episode.

On the following pages we will explore the process of bowel elimination, the problems associated with it and how to find help.

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