Erection Dysfunction

erection dysfunction

How Embarrassing!

be embarrassed no more over your erectile dysfunction

I went out and took a poll of 100 anonymous men. I wanted to ask them of erection dysfunction, but I thought I would go a bit more general to break into conversation. Yes I did this at the market, at Wal-Mart, at the Post Office and on the street, and it was rather humorous to say the least.  Most men listened and then just looked awkward. I would prompt them with comfort words and 98 percent of men gave in one way or another the same answer to this question: What is mans most embarrassing problem?

  • Here are the answers I got:
  • ED
  • Erection problems in bed
  • Lovemaking umm inability
  • Limp Penis
  • Willie will not
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual inadequacy
  • Impotence
  • Farting unexpectedly
  • Belching in mixed company

So just what is erectile dysfunction or impotence?  Wikipedia defines it as a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance.

So according to my small poll, it shows the number one problem that men are most embarrassed about is sexual impotence or erection problems.

This also means that most will not talk to there doctors about it.  In fact, it is known that most men will take up to two years of this problem before they seek help.  I hope that by being here you are not one of them.

  • Men will rationalize it and say it is due to aging, stress, bad food, nervousness and on and on, however if they really thought it about it, no matter the reason of why it is happening, the number one person that could help them with the problem in their doctor.  If they simply can not go in and talk to the doctor, maybe their bed mate can go in and talk to the doctor first to open up lines of communication.  Or you could write a letter to the doctor telling him of your problem and then make an appointment so you do not go in dry.When the problem does finally cause enough of a problem that you seek help remember the doctor is not new to this and will most likely be very upfront and honest with you, so it is to your advantage to treat him with the same courtesy, besides you do not want to spend your money only to waste your time.

There are things the doctor  will do when you visit:

  • He will take a history – Complete history and not just about the problem but medications you take, foods you eat and stress you are under.Impotence has many causes and by talking to your doctor in complete honesty he will be able to help you better.
  • He will check your vital signs
  • He will take your blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration
  • He may run tests
    Blood – To make sure that all your blood values are within normal limits.
    Urine - He will test for sugar and protein in your urine which signal a health problem.
    Testosterone - This is the male hormone.  This may or may not be done.
    Prolactin Level – Another test that can help identify a problem but may or may not be done at the start of the investigation.

You can see that erection problems are real problems for men.  Their ability to perform gives them there “manliness” feeling that they need to go out into the world with and bring home the bacon.  If they are stressed over this problem, or embarrassed by it, then sometimes they just need a little comfortable push.

It is important to see your doctor at the beginning of the problem and not wait the average two years.  Next article will be some facts and tidbits about this problem.

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