Is there such a thing as female ejaculation?  is female ejaculation and embarrassing problem?

Most women enjoy sex, there is really no question about that, but is there such a thing as female ejaculation?  The psychological reasons why they won’t or can’t is not what we are going to be discussing. Some women may feel embarrassed about their weight and do not want to be undressed in front of a man, others may not feel they have the skill or experience to please a man.  But there are a growing amount of women that find the act of sexual satisfaction with a man very embarrassing.

The reason for this seems to be that when they are highly aroused at the end of the sexual intercourse act, they suddenly expel fluid during the orgasm.  Some can expel enough to make a large section of the bed wet.

It must be awfully frustrating for these women to leave with the fear of being embarrassed during sex.  Just think, you are in bed moaning with pleasure with a man , the need hits you that you are raw and hot and ready to release, but you know they think you pee’d yourself so what do you do?  Yeup, you shut down, turn it off and don’t enjoy the completion.  You may even fake an orgasm so the man does not feel bad.

Perhaps it has happened to you before and you have seen the shock and maybe distaste on the mans face, you know they like to roll over and sleep and now you have to change the sheets.  You do not ever want to feel that way again.  But you miss that feeling of orgasm!  So educate yourself by reading on.

You should know that there are only two simple reasons why women lose liquid during orgasm.  One is ejaculating fluid, the other is releasing urine.  Neither of them are harmful or bad.  But you may want to know which one you are doing for other reason.  We are not going to get into societies feelings on sex or the stupid double standard that bravo men for ejaculating all over women and yet women are looked on as being freaks.

Nope instead of that we are going to discuss getting past the embarrassment and learning just what it is our bodies are doing.

The first thing that needs to be understood about your body is that sometimes you simply do not have control over all its actions and bodily fluids.  Think of runny noses and ear wax melting.  If you are aroused you want to become wet, it is easier that way and if you are highly aroused and orgasming then you will release what your body wants it to.

You will sweat, you will get vaginally wet and if you are lucky, then you will ejaculate. You should not need to avoid the situation for it is not a problem.  If you want to you can discuss it with your bedmate before it happens, letting him know it only happens if you are deeply aroused, that should stroke his ego and have him working to please you.

Now is the time to give yourself permission to be a woman who enjoys life to the fullest and that means your sexual life too.  No one has the right to judge how you orgasm, it is more likely other women will be jealous and men when they understand will be all puffed up as Man Gods.

There will be much further information on everything about female ejaculation in the coming articles so keep in touch.

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