5 Tips toHandling an hidingembarrassedfaceEmbarrassing Body Issue

We have all at one time or another come up against something that is out of our control. This can happen publically at work or school, socially at a dinner or a party or anywhere else you may be. This in when your body suddenly decides it it not going to cooperate on what you feel is social decency. How could it betray you like this? You are acutely embarrassed.

You may have an overactive bladder and wet your pants, you may release gas unexpectedly in a belch or a “gasp” fart. The list can go on and on; hiccups, rumbling stomach, yawning, smelling your own sweat and bad breath.

Do not let these unexpected things zap your well being. They happen and not just to you but everyone. There is probably not one person that you could ask if they had an embarrassing moment that would say no, never! Just realize that it is part of life and there are things that you can do to get through those embarrassing times.

Tip #1
It is important to understand that not only does this happen to everyone, but usually the times that it does happen is when we are in a stressful situation. Stress can exacerbate any problem we may already have. If you are prone to excess gas, under stress it will be that much harder to control. If you have active bladder problems then under stress it will be wise to take more cautions. Sweating will increase under stress, so if you plan on giving a speech in front of 1000 people just be ready for it.

Tip #2
If you want your bodies to be perfectly mannered then expect the unexpected. The more stress you put on yourself to behave in all aspects the more your body will end up doing something we feel is inappropriate.

Tip #3
If it is sudden, unexpected and does not have a lasting effect that you need to correct like wet pants, and then you can simply ignore it. You do not need to even act like it happened, you did it and it is now gone.

If you cannot ignore it, then remember that you do not need to give everyone around you an explanation for any little burp, yawn or growl your body does. Just say a polite, ‘Pardon me.’

If a polite pardon me does not make the situation any better, there is nothing you can do about it at that point. If you have an on going problem, then it may make you feel better and more in control if you let the hosts know just in case you disappear for a time.

Again, remember that unexpected embarrassing problems coming from your body happen and they happen to each and every one of us. What you want to try and avoid after the fact is that humiliating feeling of embarrassment. Don’t make a big deal of it simply move on.

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