hemorrhods are embarrassing problemsLet’s discuss today hemorrhoids and how they will at one time affect up to 40% of the adult population at some time in their life.  Another name for hemorrhoid is pile and this simply means that it is an inflammation of a vein around the anal and rectal area of your bottom.  They can be itchy, sore, painful and often times bloody.

Are you itching in the anal area?  Or do you find blood spots on your toilet paper?  Do you have to strain and push just to have a bowel movement and yet at the same time tighten up because you know that you will get that searing burning pain when you finally do go?  These are most likely signs and signals that you may be having hemorrhoids.  They can be internal or external and believe this, it is not very fun.  You should know that it is common and that most people will feel shy and embarrassed if they have to discuss it.

There are different stages and each is more painful than the last it seems.  When they fall out of your rectum it makes it difficult to sit and even walk and you would need to push them back in or it will only get worse.  There are many common mistakes that people make which contribute to the problem of hemorrhoids.  If you already have hemorrhoids stopping the mistakes can help to relieve the problem.

Mistake #1:
Most people are eating too much processed food!
We live in a hurry up and eat kind of world and so tend to eat out a lot more than we should or we stay in and fix some sort of processed food to eat.  It has always been known that eating processed food will cause you to have harder stools and difficulties with digestion.  This is the beginning of constipation which leads to more issues and one of them is hemorrhoids.  It may be difficult to do, but it is very important that you lower the consumption of processed foods and sugars.  Stay away from diet this and diet that also.

Mistake #2:
We all seem to be leaning towards a more layed back life style with little motion made
Don’t be a couch potato.  Get up and start to move; take walks, hike, stroll around the mall and just start to move about more. Unfortunately sitting around a lot like most of us to at our desks or computers tends to create the perfect environment for hemorrhoids.  Add to that the hard stools from processed food, maybe a medical problem, medications, pregnancy or simple constipation then you have a real problem.  The best solution to this mistake is to get up and walk about after sitting for one hour.        hemorrhoids are embarrassing issues for many people|know the five mistakes people make

Mistake #3:
Taking supplements and medications to fix the problem
This creates the same potential problem as processed foods. Even many of the fiber supplements contain processed and artificial elements that can create side-effects elsewhere… and lastly they are not even attacking the root of the problem here.

Mistake #4
Using creams to soothe the pain
Creams really have little benefit and they only waste your money and time.  Time you could be using to get better by attacking the root cause and not trying to put a band aid on it.

Now fixing these mistakes may not completely solve the problem, weight and other things contribute, but by avoiding these four mistakes you will not make your hemorrhoids worse.  You must understand that it is our lifestyle, sedentary job, processed food and chasing after convenience that can be some of the deeper roots to the problem of hemorrhoids.

Know the five mistakes people with the embarrassing problem of hemorrhoids make

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