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My, oh my, what makes a man decide to take a needle and inject the side of his penis over and over and over again?  Impotence! Research has shown that one in ten men is affected by impotence also known as erectile dysfunction.  Now more than ever men are taking impotence injections.

Impotence is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection.  Doctors believe that impotence is a side effect of other major disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, nervous system problems and heart disorders.

There are also more lifestyle types of reasons that men cannot achieve an erection, for example; overweight, smokers, drug users, illegal drug users.  Almost half of all men at one time or another between the ages of 35 and 80 will be unable to have an get their penis to maintain hardness for copulation.

Another problem that adds to impotence is mental disorders like; anxiety, depression and stress. Most doctors will agree that there is one treatment for erection problems that will work and that is inecting medicine directly into the penis

So what exactly is and injection for impotence?
Using injections to help men with impotence problems began somewhere in the 1990′s and it has had a great success rate with men that did not achieve success with other treatments. All most all men when asked say that it has helped them not only get hard but to stay that way for much longer periods.

The drug they use to inject into the penis is papaverine.  It was used for surgery mainly to help the patient expand the blood cells and like all things some guy got the great idea, that if it worked in the body it would work on the penis, now it is not known if the man was impotent or was just playing around seeking some fun.  What he found was that when he injected it into the skin and tissue of the penis he got hard and stayed hard for a time.

Nowadays the medicine that is injected into the penis is a variety of things and your doctor will decide what it is that will be combined for the best results for you.  If you have a chronic problem like leukemia or sickle cell or Aids you should not use this procedure.

Most men cannot administer the drug into their own penis, so their doctor does it.  If they have a chronic problem and will be using it more than occassionally then the doctor or his staff can teach the procedure to a man.  The most a man normally can use this procedure is up to three times a week.

The doctor will want to examine you first to make sure that you are healthy and there are medicines you should not be on if you are doing this method.  Obviously the most important organ you need to have healthy is your heart as it will be effected most by the dialtion and relaxation of your blood vessels.

The doctor will want to start with the least amount that he can that works then he will slowly increase the amount.  As the amount of medicine increases so does the length that the man will maintain a hardness, this can be up to 90 minutes.

Is the Injection painful you might ask?  No, they use the smallest of needles available.  If you have not attained an erection in 15 minutes the doctor will most likely give another.  All men are different so do not be alarmed and start calculating how far gone your erection problem is.

There is only one side effect to this procedure and that is keeping an erection far to long.  It is rare but you should be aware of it.  Also make sure to use sterile cautions when self injecting as you really do not want an infection.

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