16 Steps to kissing with perfection

do not let your first kiss become an embarrassing issue

Become a fantastic kisser~

I know that kissing is on the minds of a lot of people. There is nothing more expressive than a kiss. I am going to focus on the”intimate kiss”. I will show you the overall sequence and many dos and don’t s that will give you new insight and inspiration into the next time you lock lips with a loved one.

The first meeting

Whether you know the person or are just beginning to date it is important to mentally”set up for the kiss”. You can check the water throughout the date by giving light non sexual touches. They need not be obvious, just a hand or shoulder touch now and then. Watch for body language to show signs and cues of non readiness.

Ready to lock lips?



Tilt your head and close your eyes.

This will enhance the sensation of the kiss and give you focus.

Let your lips softly stir against the others with a slight opening of your lips.

This is the time you are offering and discovering if you are hungry.

Breathe in and out and savor the smell of being close.

Smell deeply and decide if this is what you want.

Press in lightly against them.

Only if the other has not shown signs of withdrawing. Remember the kiss is not just in the mouth but in the way your body settles against the others.

They way your hands may palm the face or rest on the hips. You may even want to sway just softly. Feel the rhythm of the kiss and match it.


Let the other person come after your lips occasionally

Use the rhythms of your mouth to set the pace. Nibble on the ear, hot little breathy nibbles, suck on the lobe, be careful not to cram your tongue into the ear it makes it sound squishy and some people are very ticklish and will burble into laughter

Be aware of your mouth hygiene.

It can add or hinder the kiss. Don’t go mouth to mouth with onion or ashtray breath. Make sure to always use good dental hygiene.

Focus on the person you are kissing.

Show the other you are involved and totally enjoying it. Don’t let your thoughts or eyes wander away.

Use your hands.

Caress the face, pet the hair, run your fingers up and down the back. They will all enhance the kiss. Be sure to touch only non sexual places at this point. Don’t maul the other person.

Be creative.

Lightly lick the neck. Let your breath on their skin be an aphrodisiac. The area on the side of the neck where the hairline ends is a very sensitive spot.

Find the others “hot spots.”



You know what I mean, no one likes to pull back and have to get a towel to dry their faces off. The tongue can be sensual or disgusting.

Use it like you want it used. Slide it into the others mouth and let it dance a bit toy with the teeth, the gums. Explore and let the other explore yours.

Tense up your lips and make them stiff.

That tends to make you kiss like cardboard. Less emotionally involved but boring

Worry if you clank teeth.

Just let the clank inspire you to go for it

Become so aggressive

in the kiss that the other person lips are being squished against their teeth and they are struggling to break free. It can be a bad omen for another kiss.

Stick to the same style of kissing each time.

Make sure to explore new techniques and be fresh in your approach. Show your desire by loving on the lower lip, gently suck it into your mouth and even nibble on it. Pluck it with your teeth and let it go.

Ending the kiss

The ending of a kiss can be as sensual as the kiss itself. Let the feeling linger, relax in it, continue to focus on the other person. Be attuned to their body motions and eye contact. Don’t push for another right away unless it flows in naturally. Be sure to let the other know in look, word or deed that you enjoyed the kiss.

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