Steam Your Bed Sheets Up – learn to talk dirty in bed

learning to talk dirty in bed does not have to be an embarrassing problem

To please your man and steam your bed sheets up, you should learn to talk dirty in bed

It is called dirty, nasty, naughty talk and it really works. Yet for a lot of women talking dirty in bed is like learning a foreign language, they simply do not know what to say or how to say it. They feel odd, weird and embarrassed.  How can they use words that they don’t normally use?  They don’t want to appear trashy, whorish or slutty and yet they want to add something to the bed talk. Maybe they worry that the man will think badly of them?

No matter the reason that women do not engage in the art of dirty talking, it is a well known fact that men want it and when women learn it they too enjoy it.  So exactly just what is dirty talk?  You may be surprised to find that there are extremes on both sides of this coin.  You will have the woman who says nothing, to the woman who screams out everything under the sun.  What fits for you is a personal thing that only you will know.

The first thing that you need to do is discuss it with your bed mate.  Be open and honest about what your thoughts are on it.  It seems that men have always had the go ahead to just say and do what they want especially in the bedroom but now is the time to take for your own needs, even if it is the need to please your man in a new way in the bedroom.

Here are some delightful little teasing words to use in foreplay.  Foreplay can be anything from talking on the phone, to when he is standing barbecuing something on the grill.  Just make is soft and naughty when you say the following:

* Your voice makes me so hot that I am touching myself.  (Good for phone)
* I saw you walk in the door and my body ached for your touch.
* Whimper softly and say “I can’t wait to be alone with you.”
* Your butt looks so good in those jeans.
* I had to change my panties twice today because i was thinking of you.

Dirty talking does not need to be those rude sexual XXX words, though they do have their place!  If this is really new to you and you are wanting to explore then set the mood for it.  Make it hot and inviting by using candles, set out wine, soft music and wear a new teddy or baby doll.  Make sure he knows that you are seducing him.

It is hard to go from no dirty talk to talking dirty overnight, so work up to it.  There are ways to lead into it.  Try moaning more, coaxing him more, whisper that you like what he is doing or lean in to his ear and tell him you want to know what he wants you to do to him, giggle seductively and say “tonight I will do whatever you want.”  Give him room to engage you and build his own confidence up by encouraging him with strong words of his ability and prowess.  Make him feel like a conquering man!

Once he is engaged and you are on the same page then drop little girly hints about the things you want him to do to you.  “Oh yes baby please touch me more, oh yeah right there..mmmm left left..Now don’t stop..omg don’t stop.”  By doing this you are showing him what you want at the same time showing him that he can take care of you and your wants and needs.  Men love to know that they are good in bed so tell them!

This is not the time to be closed lipped and shy, especially after the lovemaking is over.  That is a good time to say “you know hon, I wanted to scream when you did (whatever that is) but i was afraid you might think me nuts.  Or “I was so hot I almost yelled for you to blank me harder (yes fill in the blank). Encourage communication and you will become closer than ever.  Just remember that both your egos are probably a bit fragile when it comes to bedroom things and do not be condescending or shocked.

Ok, so now is the time to find those deep dark places inside of you, that you never tell your mate and put it all into words.  Yup, spice up your vocabulary.  Say all those dirty words you want to, become demanding, urgent and heated.  Release your inhibitions and just simply enjoy the shock value of your words.  You may be surprised at the tiger you find in your bed.

Here are some words you can try out until your own burst from your dirty little soul. (Giggles and they will come)

* Tonight is going to be the (hottest, filthiest, most decadent, nasty) night of your life.
* I am dripping wet with need for you
* Take me right now i can’t wait
* (BLANK) me now!!!!!
* You are so (blanking) hot right now I could eat you all up
* Take me, use me any way you want
* I’m your sex slave tonight and I have been very very bad.
* I was talking to your mom today and all I could think about was  your (blank)
* You make me crazy inside when you look at me like that
* Pound me until the bed breaks

OK so those are mostly tame but you get the idea. Be creative; let it come from inside of you and don’t hold back.  Your bedroom is not society you can be and do anything you want.  Just make sure you talk it over a bit with your mate or you may shock them into silence.

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