How To Conquer

Menopause Symptoms Today!


Discover How Women Just Like You Across the Country have Used Alternative Natural Therapies To Obliterate Menopause Symptoms Without Taking Damaging HRT’s”

Experience complete menopause symptom relief with the tools that you are given in “How To Conquer Menopause”. It brings to you only the latest information in medical research and alternative approaches to treating menopause symptoms.

How to Conquer Menopause is not some dry, hard to read medical book, or a book filled with lame excuses and and old approaches.

This ebook is an up to date, take you by the hand manual that will give you the tools and resources to stomp menopause into its place. Menopause is a life process and you will now have the skills to handle it like the Lady you are.

Look at what one M. D. had to say:
“I found ‘How To Conquer Menopause’to be an extremely valuable resource. It’s well written for starters. And, it deals with a large number of symptoms facing women at this stage of life.
~~ Dr. Joe Marion, M. D. Vancouver, Washington

You will hear many solutions from women that have gone to hell and back and survived with their lives fully in tact. But more than that, they have come out better for the experience and willing to share with others.

What you will learn in “How to Conquer Menopause”
*Health risks that concern the bigger picture
*35 Common Symptoms
*One Vital Key to control all the symptoms
*What you can do for each and every symptom
*4 stages of Menopause
*The real truth about natural hormones ~VS~ bio-identical hormones
*A home test you can take to tell you if you are going through menopause
*How to cope with the emotional impact of menopause
*And Many Many More

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