running issues are embarrassing problemsEmbarrassing Running Issues and Answers

Embarrassing running issues and answers was put together to give you and idea of what runners deal with and to let them know they are not alone.  It is true, runners do have their own unique set of embarrassing problems to deal with. So if you are a runner I know that you have had an embarrassing moment that quickly comes to mind. Most runners are too embarrassed to ask others about the problems they are having. You could talk to friends, coaches or a doctor but they seem to be the die hard breed of people that simple figure out what works for them over time.

We are going to discuss briefly the major problems that I have come across in the running community. Remember that probably 99% of the time you may feel you are the only one with the problem but in reality most if not all will suffer one of the following issues.

Trots/diarrhea-Runners will get diarrhea. It is important to eat the right foods and prepare yourself for the run. Keep toilet paper with you and have an idea where the toilet stops are.

Urinary leakage-Some men but mostly women will not have urine control when they run. There is special clothing that can help dry if you leak. Do kegel exercise and do not get overweight.

Black toenails-Running especially downhill can jam your big toe to your shoe and bruise the area beneath the toenail. In time your toe nail will turn black. Wearing the right shoes is important as well as keeping your toenails short and your feet dry. Do not wear cotton but special wicking socks.

Thigh rash-Even skinny people have a problem with thighs rubbing and getting that irritating and painful rash. Wear the right clothes, use Vaseline and bathe after running .

Bleeding sore nipples-This is a problem for men as their shirts will rub while they run. The best thing to do is to put Vaseline over the nipples. Some men use glide or cover the area with Band-Aids.

Menstruation-You do not have to stop running because it is that time of month. Wear tampon and not a pad as the pad will cause friction. Carry a spare or three tampons with you.

Excessive sweating-It is expected to sweat, but some runners sweat so badly that it becomes a serious problem for them. Ask your doctor what he can do to help.

Hives-Happens for many reasons and if you get hives you need to stop running for that period. It is especially a problem in humid heat.
Itchy legs-This can be a problem if you are new to running or running after being sedentary. It will pass as you become more fit.

Jock Itch-This is a fungus due to moist heat and you will need and over the counter product to help it.

Panic/anxiety-People suffer different levels of anxiety. It is best to understand what you are thinking and get help from a doctor if you need to.

Common mistakes runners make:
They do not pay attention-Make sure you watch where you are going so you do not run into something stationary like a fire hydrant or wet cement. It is important to watch where you are running.

They wear light clothes- When you sweat light clothes become see through, so think about that before you go for a long sweaty run.

They do not watch for animals-Sometimes animal do not move out of your way and that can be quite a fright. Dogs will chase runners, birds will peck and geese will honk and not move till you are close then what a mess. So keep your eyes tuned for animal life about you.

They pee themselves-Most runners hate to stop and think the feeling will hold back, unfortunately for some, urine dripping down there legs was what they got at the finish line. Make sure you urinate before the race and stop when you need to.

They forget the toilet paper-On a long run sometimes there just is not a bathroom in sight when you suddenly have to go poop. So make sure you have your own toilet paper or you will be using your shirt or socks.

The do not check their gear- It is important to make sure the clothes you are wearing do not have tears or are not thread bare…Clothing problems on a run are embarrassing and hard to fix.

They vomit-Ok for a lot of runners at the end of the race they push so hard that when they stop, they vomit. It can not be avoided. However find a place to do so where it is not on someone’s feet.

They do not wipe their nose-A lot of runner’s nose runs when they do. So make sure you have hanky or gloves with cotton tips or use your shirt often. Nothing is worse than finishing the race with snot all over your face.

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