Men really need to start taking care of themselves. There are many things that work against men more than women: they drink more, they smoke more, they don’t go for medical help and they have the more stressful jobs, just to name a few.

The following are the six Leading Health Problems for Men:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Stroke
  4. Accidents
  5. Diabetes-Type 2
  6. Suicide

So what can you do in general to aid in a better quality of life and living longer in more health?

18 Things You can do for a better Life

  1. Stop Smoking- Save your body and your money
  2. Moderate Alcohol Consumption-BIG money saver
  3. Go to the Doctor for routine checkups- Yeah, be a man, go see the good Doc
  4. Healthier eating- You will feel mentally and physically better with just small changes
  5. Manage your health problems – Do not hide from them
  6. Get regular exercise- Does not have to be in a gym. Swim or take a walk
  7. Find a healthy weight and stick to it- I am sure you know what your ideal weight should be
  8. Reduce stress-Tough one for sure. Find other outlets for stress
  9. Do not get sunburned- Use sunscreen
  10. Drink plenty of water-Dehydration is the root to many physical problems
  11. Get health screenings- Yeah be a man, go see the good Doc
  12. Wear a seat belt – It really is the safest way out of an accident
  13. Follow the rules of the road-Yeup that means no speeding and no road rage.
  14. Never operate anything if you have not slept well- Driving or operating motor vehicles while tired is bad
  15. Pay attention to pollutant levels in the air – Read the news
  16. Wash your hands frequently – Carry sanitizer in your car
  17. Get vaccinations – like for flu and pneumonia
  18. Get help if you feel depressed – Easier to nip it in the bud than to withhold help. If you feel out of control-Get help and get help right now. Do not put it off!

You know men are defiantly not on the same earthly plane as woman. They see things so differently. I know that men understand health risks and even what they can do to make things better. But a lot of the things they should be doing they will not do because somehow doing that one thing goes against the way they see themselves or against their self identity. A stress full working condition at their job is not just a physical health issue but some men believe they are their jobs and thus nothing without it.

So take it in small steps; start with eating healthier food, slow and easy is the way for men to go. Simply make healthier lifestyle choices — instead of quitting cigarettes cold turkey, cut one cigarette out a day. Instead of starting some back breaking exercise workout, park further away from your job, so you can walk more, take a walk with your wife or kids—small easy steps. If you eat poorly pick one food a day or a week, whichever works for you and stop eating it. Now here is the big one. Pick one day a year to go to the doctor for a physical exam and do it. The results you will find with small changes may just amaze you.

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