Home Remedies for Snoring

If you snore then you know how   snoring is an embarrassing issueembarrassing that can be.

Who wants to keep their over night guest awake with the loud sounds coming from their body? There are home remedies for snoring, but you should know that not all work. Some work, some do not, some work for some but not others.  The key to finding something that will work for you is perseverance.  Be a pit bull and do not stop looking till you found the solution to your problems.  Home remedies for snoring are a great place to begin your hunt.

Some people swear that if they wrap a tennis ball in a sock and sew it to the back center of their pajamas that they stop snoring.  The idea here is that the tennis ball is uncomfortable sitting pressed to their neck and so they turn to their sides.  Medically speaking this is probably true as snoring is often worse when the person sleeps face up.  This is because the jaw falls open…the muscle of the tongue relaxes and then slips back to fill the open space in the throat, thus impeding the air flow to and from the lungs.  When that air hits the blockage it shakes and vibrates and the pressure builds and you get loud obnoxious snoring sounds.

The next home remedy that people swear by is exercise; Daily routine exercise.  This helps in three ways.  One you lose weight and firm up the muscles so they do not fall back as easily.  You will also cut down on fatty deposits in the throat and that will help with air flow. The third benefit for snoring is that the exercise will let you sleep as long as you do not over do it.

Another trigger for snoring is the intake of alcohol especially before bed.  Doing this will only make snoring worse and therefore the most obvious home remedy for this is to not drink before bed.

Stay away from sedatives and sleeping pills.  Really stay away from anything that will help you relax and sleep deeply.  These things allow you to sleep well but they will keep anyone within hearing distance awake if you are prone to snoring to begin with.  They relax the muscles and the tissues around the neck, head and throat and will make snoring worse.

Drink a half a cup of milk before bed, it does not have to be warm

Eat yogurt daily

Raise you bed up by putting bricks under the legs at the head of your bed

Blame it on allergies or a cold

Have the person that is listening to you snore wear ear plugs.

Do not smoke one hour before bedtime

Eat one slice of bread with a spread of some kind on it

Eucalyptus leaves made into a tea will help decrease snoring

Get rid of your pillow-anything that puts a kink in your neck makes snoring worse.
It is important to mention that most snorers are unaware that they snore.  Unless the snoring wakes the snorer up consistently he probably will not put two and two together. So if you are the mate to a snorer, then be gentle when telling them about your concerns.  That way he or she will be more likely to want to find a peaceable solution.

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