Snorting Ritalin

snorting ritalin

Before we can discuss snorting Ritalin we must first know just what Ritalin is. Ritalin is a class II (amphetamine) prescription drug used in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Narcolepsy.

Over the past five years, ADHD prescriptions have increased over 600 percent and so has the incidence of snorting Ritalin, injecting Ritalin and non-medical Ritalin abuse.

Of course this is not a subject that we as parents want to think that are children know about but in the off chance they do, so should you.  Ritalin drug abuse not only affects individual homes but the community should be aware as it is our next generation that will carry the burdens of this abuse.

What makes Ritalin abuse so insidious is that many teens believe that Ritalin is safe for recreational use since so many younger children take the drug and after all it is prescribed by doctors.

Ritalin, referred to by its street names “Kiddie Cocaine,” “Vitamin R” or “R Ball”, is increasingly becoming the gateway drug for many adolescents. It is easily accessible from family, classmates or friends and it is cheap compared to its cocaine. For many teens, buying

Ritalin is easier than buying cigarettes or beer.Even though it is a stimulant, when prescribed and taken as directed by a medical provider, people can sustain their attentions for longer amounts of time. This allows them to study or complete tasks more effectively minus the feelings associated with the medications’ “speed-like” effects.

Teenagers are snorting Ritalin for more reasons than simply getting high.  It is also used for weight loss and some believe it makes them more sociable.

Ritalin when taken orally produces mild to moderate stimulant to the central nervous system. However, the potency increases when the tablets are crushed and snorted because the drug passes directly into the blood and body tissues instead of first being metabolized.

Besides the obvious problem of causing breathing problem, snorting Ritalin can damage nasal tissues and deteriorate nasal cartilage. It can also cause a host of other problems in the body: convulsions, irregular heart beats, circulation problems, respiratory problems, stroke, psychosis and even death.

The side effects of snorting Ritalin are scary and it is just as addicting as any methamphetamine and poses just as many dangers. Since the body becomes physically addicted to the drug, someone who has abused it needs help to stop using.  They must be kept safe during the withdrawl procedure. Once someone has become addicted, stopping could cause withdrawal symptoms similar to those with cocaine, such as:

  • Severe aggression
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Restlessness

They may think that they are being safer by snorting Ritalin, rather than cocaine, but really they are just harming themselves in much the same ways. They also run the risk of arrest for having and using Ritalin without a prescription.

As parents there are several ways to prevent Ritalin snorting and abuse. The first and most obvious is to not use ADHD medications at all.  Yes there are alternatives.  If you choose to give them Ritalin, then take responsibility for it.  Know when, if and how they are taking it.

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