Stained Teeth

stained teeth is more than an embarrassing problem

Stained Confidence

Teeth are probably one of the first features that someone will see when they meet you.

They are just that important. We gain confidence by how we are perceived and that means being able to smile, laugh and talk without worry about  stained teeth. People with stained teeth or hiding something in their mouth, like dark spots or yellow teeth will act differently. I know you have seen them a time or two. They talk with their hand near their mouth or their lips barely moving. Perhaps you have been that person yourself?

It is imperative for good confidence and a full life that the appearance of your teeth does not cause you any embarrassment. It can cause some people to take all kinds of drastic action to repair the problem. They will spend money they do not have or time they could be doing other things just to find ways to get their smile to be the brightest.

What causes teeth to stain?
For some people yellowing or dimming of the whiteness is hereditary or due to aging. They can take all the precautions in the world and still end up with yellow teeth. It is known that very few people will have naturally white teeth and most people you see with shining white teeth will have had some assistance along the way to that brightness. So do not feel bad.

Now for the circumstantial causes of teeth staining you can look to the environment. Drinking certain beverages like coffee, tea, red wine and some of our juices have dye in them and can cause dimming of your teeth. Smoking is another culprit. The final one is apparently rather calming and that is not brushing your teeth before bed.

What can you do about stained teeth?

  • Brush your teeth frequently. This means at least twice a day and especially before bed.
  • See your dentist. They are knowledgeable about what is out there and what you in particular will need.
  • Get a thorough check up and cleaning with a hygienist
  • Read up on it. There are different brands and trays and liquids you can use. See what is working for others.
  • Get them bleached

A special caution regarding bleaching:
Most people do not understand that if you bleach your teeth at home in a tray or with liquid or at the dentist office, that you teeth will most likely become very sensitive for a period of time. Some people even say that it is painful. Also you should know that bleaching is NOT permanent and it will have to become something that you do periodically.

What can you do at home to treat your stained teeth?
There is really nothing recommended for home use by the dental society. Many things have been tried at home, for instance: bleaches, hydrogen peroxide, cleaning products, acidic juices, whitening agents and even scrubbing liquids and pads. There is more danger in using these than you would know. They can be ingested, they can hurt your gums, and they can take the enamel off your teeth and cause considerable pain and damage.

The best home care for your teeth is prevention. Brush your teeth twice daily and especially before bed, this cannot be stressed enough. Finally visit your dentist regularly and do not wait for a problem to occur before you drag yourself there. No one likes the dentist, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Toothpaste and gels with stain removal?

Do not be fooled by advertising. Teeth stain removal at home with toothpaste is highly unlikely. It is however a billion dollar product line. Remember that when you are enticed to buy. Stains are usually deep and no toothpaste will get them. Some products actually make your teeth “look” brighter by making your gums appear brighter.

The most important thing to get from this article is that some people’s teeth dim naturally while others are caused by what goes into our mouth. Most over the counter products do not have any great impact on whitening your teeth and can cause long term damage. Prevention by caring and brushing your teeth is the only thing that will truly let your teeth age gracefully.

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