Do you know the Causes of Toothaches?     toothaches are embarrassing problems

We have all had toothaches. That little zing that comes when we bite something or that deep rolling ache that makes us want to scream and try anything that just might help with the pain? It is embarrassing to be in a restaurant and eating and chomp down only to cry out in pain. Do you know the causes of toothaches? Yesterday we were eating apples and hard candy and today we can hardly open our mouth to chew, so what happened? Often people wonder when it is just after the fact, what caused it to begin with?

There are many causes of toothaches:

Cavities- (Holes in teeth) this is also known as dental caries and tooth decay. It is a disease where bacteria gets into the enamel of the tooth and breaks down the tooth causing damage to the enamel, dentin and cementum. . There are two groups of bacteria common to tooth infections and they are Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus and if left untreated can cause infection, abscess, pain and even death.

Cracks – You chew something hard and don’t even notice that you cracked a tooth. Nothing really happens at that time. It could be an hour or days later that you bite down on something and it makes your tooth feel like it is exploding from your mouth. Sometimes the crack will expose nerves or allow food to settle into the space. It is very hard to diagnose as most cracks will not be picked up by the naked eye or an x-ray. If you do not get them fixed the next step will be a fracture when the tooth breaks off as a chip from the tooth or the gum.

Fractures- A tooth treated for root canal can fracture for different reasons. Usually due to the type of filling, manipulation or the pressure applied.

Sinus infection-Sometimes when you get a sinus infection you will have referral pain to your teeth that make you feel like you have a toothache.

Pulp irritation- The pulp is the connective living tissue of of the tooth, the only part of the tooth to get blood and nerve supply. Irritation happens when bacteria invades it. It can also happen after dental treatment. Sometimes the material of your filling or crown will irritate the pulp. If this happens just go back to the dentist and he can repair it.

Exposed root or nerve- This normally happens when you have been brushing with too much vigor. You really should never dig into your gums thinking you will get your teeth cleaner for this makes your gum draw back, get red and inflamed and cause infection, the root or nerve gets exposed and you have that awful zapping stinging pain that takes your very breath away. If you eat or drink or sometimes breath through your mouth you will feel this intense pain. Go to your dentist.

Tobacco Products- Smoking to some extent and chewing products to a larger extent can eat away at your teeth enamel and cause tooth pain.

There are many causes of toothaches and rightly so, there are many treatments that you can explore to help alleviate the pain but first think prevention:

  • Brush your teeth daily
  • Floss your teeth daily
  • See your dentist routinely
  • See your dental hygienist for a cleaning every three
  • Use mouthwash
  • Do not fear going to the dentist

It is important to see your dentist when you first get pain, don’t wait it out. If you do see him in time he may be able to take care of the problem before it gets worse and cost you a lot of time and pain. We should all strive to keep our teeth and to keep them healthy. In the following articles we will explore what do when you get a toothache.

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