How to deal with the embarrassing issue of urinary Incontinence  urinary incontinence is an embarrassing issue

Better known as, how do I stop peeing my pants?

Open confession here, yes indeed I have urinary incontinence. I know that it is the involuntary, meaning I can not control it, but how to deal with the embarrassing issue of urinary incontinence?  What an embarrassing thing this can be, even if no one has  seen the wet spot I so ingenuously hide, I am sure that they can smell me a mile away.

I shudder with worries over this. I am one of the women that loses her urine when she coughs, laughs, picks up anything heavy or sometimes farts and throws up.

Some women only experience this occasionally and can wear a simple pad to take care of it. Some women may feel the urge to go but can not make it to the bathroom in time.  Then there are women that just seem to piddle small amounts all the time. Each is embarrassing to the woman experiencing it.

The problem of urinary incontinence affects many women and having it can keep them from living a good full life. They worry all the time that they do not know where the closest bathroom is, or do they have a change of clothes in the car, or pads in the purse, oh and don’t forget some sort of womanly deodorant for down there. This one problem can keep women from being outdoors in nature, having sex or even going to dinner with a man. It can make your life seem out of control.

Women get this problem twice as much as men and this has to do with the way their urinary system is set up. Also pregnancy, disease, some illnesses and menopause can create this problem. Other major issues
can cause this also such as brain injuries, getting old, birth defects and brain strokes.

To know why urinary incontinence happens you must first know a bit about the system itself…You have kidneys that make the urine and then it is pushed through the ureters to the bladder, stored there until your body tells you it is time to urinate, then it goes through the urethra into the toilet. There are only two reasons for leaking and spilling urine and that is when either the nerves or the muscles in the urinary system are not functioning correctly.

Muscles and nerves work together to send the urine from the kidneys to the toilet. Each muscle and each nerve has to function correctly or you have problems. The muscles in the walls of your bladder constrict and push the urine down the urethra and at the same time the muscles in the urethra relax and let the urine flow out of your body. One thing out of step and you will have troubles.

Sometimes your muscles don’t contract or won’t relax. They may simply have lost their ability to hold back the urgency of your urine and thus you will end up with wet pants. Then there are some bladders that give you cramps and spasms and push out the urine before you are ready and it does not halt the flow and once again you end up with wet pants.

Being overweight for some people increases the pressure and can make the muscles unable to hold in urine, so weight loss may be a viable choice to help with this condition. The incidence of urinary incontinence increase with women as they go through more of their life.

The following can add to the problem causing the muscles, nerves and the ligaments to not be able to hold your bladder up, thus it moves dropping into the vagina and once more urine will leak to wet your pants.

  • weight gain
  • birthing of children
  • illness
  • infection
  • heavy lifting repeatedly
  • growing old

There are seven types of urinary incontinence:

Stress Incontinence- When you cough, sneeze, lift weights or do any type of exercise you can pee in your pants.

Urge Incontinence – You get the urge but don’t get to the bathroom in time or you don’t realize the urge and you pee, this can include; urinating while asleep, stick hand in the water and make someone else pee while asleep, or turn on the water to help you pee kind of urge.

Overactive bladder Incontinence- The nerves are irritated and signal your body to urinate quick and with frequency and you just don’t get to the bathroom in time.

Functional Incontinence – This happens with people that are unable to get to the bathroom because their thinking is unclear, or their physical ability is unable to get them there. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and physical limitations such as wheel chairs or broken bones are the culprits in functional incontinence.
Overflow Incontinence – Your bladder is too full and gets rid of small amounts of urine frequently
Mixed – This is normally a combination of urge and stress incontinence

Transient Incontinence – This is the piddling of urine only when you have a new problem such as taking new medicine, dieting, having an illness with a cough and urinary tract infections.

Now you know why woman get urinary incontinence, in our next article we will discuss the big problem of what to do about it!

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