be embarrassed no more by not knowing whos your daddy

Who’s the Daddy?

A lot of people may find it embarrassing that they don’t know who’s the daddy of their child, or better said the paternity of their child. I watch the news. Ive not been cosseted away from the good and bad of the world. But something the other day caught my ears attention. It was an advertisement on the radio. It said, do you want to know who is the father of your child? Or need help in an adoption dispute? It even spoke of testing your child to see if they were truly yours or got mixed up in the nursery after birth. I was somehow appalled at that idea having three sons of my own. But I listened out of curiosity and then did some research of my own. DNA testing is used for many things, from ancenstry testing, to forensics to realtionships. It is changing the way that we validate the truth of who is who.

I am sure you, like me are wondering what DNA is and how DNA testing works? DNA is material that governs inheritance of eye color, hair color, stature, bone density and many other human and animal traits. DNA is a long, but narrow string-like object. Our body’s cells each contain a complete sample of our DNA. There are muscle cells, brain cells, liver cells, blood cells, sperm cells and others. Basically, every part of the body is made up of these tiny cells and each contains a sample or complement of DNA identical to that of every other cell within a given person. There are a few exceptions. For example, our red blood cells lack DNA. Blood itself can be typed because of the DNA contained in our white blood cells.

DNA testing is based on the principals of inheritance. That each child born gets one half of his or hers genetic makeup from each parent. The test gives a control batch of genetic markers, All the markers that did not match the mothers, must match the fathers. If not mother is being tested, then the father has to half at least one half of the markers found to be the biological father.

One of the fastest growing areas of DNA testing is the paternity test. Because of this, there now exsists and overwhelming amount of companies willing to provide this service. Most of these companies will send a home kit to you, that you can send back.

Make sure you’re getting what you need. Choose the right test for your situation. And find out the company’s response time. Can they meet your deadlines if you have any? Most labs can provide results in three to nine days, depending on the test. Expedited service is often available for an extra fee. Be sure to check with your lawyer regarding notary or need for going to the lab and not doing a home kit. You would hate to have to repeat it.

DNA is not cheap. It can cost from 99 to 500 dollars. So make sure that you investigate the companies you might choose. So far there is no regulation that controls online testing companies and it is up to you to choose wisely. Here are some things you might want to consider:

The American Association of Blood Banks sets standards and accredits labs that fall within their acceptable ranges. So the first thing to do is make sure your choice of lab is accredited. The second thing to be aware of is whether the company is ISO 17025 certified. ISO stands for International Standards Organization. The organizations perform audits and inspections to ensure that they maintain high standards. A lab that holds both accreditation and Certification are demonstrating a commitment to quality and accuracy.

The next thing is to make sure of the cost. Is it all inclusive? Meaning do you get the kit, the testing procedure and the results? Or are there hidden costs? What about postage and copies of the test results? Some companies have been known to send the test, do the test but then charge for the results. Read up and know the business you are using.

Check into their privacy policies. Do they guarantee confidentiality? Look into their staff. Are they licensed or professional? A company that provides DNA testing should employ only staff with doctoral level degrees in the appropriate fields, such as; molecular biology or medical genetics.

To do the test, to take the time and the expense, it must be very important to you. That the results can have far reaching consequences is saying it mildly. Do your homework, Investigate the company. Contact them by phone. Find out everything you need to know. If you cannot contact them, don’t even consider using them. This is your decision, make it wisely.

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