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A Close Look At Wisdom Teeth


You are healthy and between the ages of 17 and 25 and yet your wisdom teeth are starting to create embarrassing issues for you; they are painful, they are growing sideways and they have your face swollen and sore.  So if we have our wisdom teeth pulled are we still wise?  OK so yes having wisdom teeth or not having wisdom teeth has nothing to do with wisdom.  Wisdom teeth are also known as the third set of molars.

There has always been a lot of controversy over whether the teeth should stay or be pulled.  The consensuses seems to be that if they come in and create no health problem or embarrassing issue for you then leave them.  However if they wont come through, come in wrong, cause great pain or discomfort, then you will need to have them pulled.

Sometimes when the wisdom teeth are ready to come through the skin in your gums the area swells and becomes painful but the teeth do not seem to come out.  This embarrassing issue is called wisdom teeth impaction and is a common problem.  If this happens they will need to be pulled.  It depends on their positioning if they can be pulled out or need to be cut out by a qualified oral surgeon.

So you are having problems getting your wisdom teeth to come through and behave themselves.  You work up the courage to go to your dentist and he tells you that you need an appointment with the oral surgeon.  Do not be embarrassed that he can not do it for you and you have to see someone else. Oral surgeons are experienced with the extraction of wisdom teeth. When you first see the oral surgeon you will have a consultation.

In the consultation the oral surgeon will want to take X-rays if the dentist has not already done so.  If your dentist did then make sure you bring them with you or have them sent over.  This will save you from repeating the procedure and paying more.  The X-rays will be gone over with you and the surgeon will let you know just what needs to be done.

The oral surgeon then explores your mouth and examines you, telling you the options.  If he needs to cut your teeth out then he will give you the option of local anesthesia or IV sedation.  Most wisdom teeth extraction is done under general as it is easier on the patient.  IV (intravenous) sedation is the preferred way as you will be relaxed and not remember any of it.  To be honest the pain level for a local anesthesia is not that bad, it is more of the sounds that you hear: the cracking of teeth and the popping sounds that is rather nauseating.

It is just the way it goes that some people’s teeth come out easy and others hard.  It depends on the size, shape and the way they are pointing whether they will come out easy or not.   Most extractions go quite well and there is little pain. However if the root tips are wrapped about the bone then the tugging and pulling can cause more pain and even some bruising.

Your dentist will naturally prescribe you some pain medicine and usually an anti inflammatory which you should use as soon as you arrive home.  If you are going to use IV sedation, you’ll need to someone to accompany you, as you won’t be able to drive home.

During the consultation your surgeon will tell you what you need to do to be ready for the healing part after the teeth are removed.  It is important to have someone with you for the first 24 hours, just to make sure that you are doing fine. Make sure to have soft food to eat, liquids to drink, gauze pads for he bleeding and your pain and antibiotic pills ready.

Once you get your wisdom teeth removed though – you’ll notice a big improvement in your mouth – and your health and you will no longer have to deal with the pain, swelling and problem of this embarrassing issue.

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